What Do We Offer?

ZFSI has specialized departments that offer a variety of support services to the companies established in the park.

Why Choose ZFSI?

  • Strategic location
  • Variety of services
  • Complete infrastructure
  • Comprehensive fiscal package
  • Ample labor pool
  • Cutting edge technology


Energy Supply

ZFSI supplies competitive priced energy to the companies established in the park.

Water Supply

By having our own aqueduct, we are able to provide reliable and stable water supply.

In House Customs

In order to expedite the import and exports, we have a fully staffed customs office.


We take excellent care of our park and its infrastructure to provide a clean and safe environment

Engineering Services

We offer civil and electromechanical work required by the companies in the park.

Human Resources Services

We offer a full range of optional human resources services, including recruitment, selection and payroll management, in order to help companies reduce costs.

Medical Services

We have a primary health care clinic for all employees and a pharmacy with generic medicines at affordable costs.

Security 24/7

As a BASC certified free zone, ZFSI features 24-hour security services.